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What is the O-Shot ®?

The solution that gives you a healthier and more satisfying sex life. Introducing the O-Shot ®, an exciting new non-invasive form of treatment. As a result, it helps your natural growth processes. Therefore, regenerating your vaginal system to increase your overall sexual health.

O-shot For Stress Incontinence

85% The O-Shot® success rate for the conditions: Urinary Incontinence, Vulvar Dystrophy, Dyspareunia, and Female Orgasmic Disorder. Thus far, almost all women receiving the O-Shot® procedure enjoy decreased urinary incontinence and an increase in their sexual response. For many the increase is dramatic.

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This approach treats the source of sexual dysfunction and enhances – desire, arousal, performance, and orgasm.

Certainly, your sexual health is an important factor in your overall quality of life. Now you can give your sexuality the boost it deserves. This uncomplicated, and pain-free sequence of orgasm promoting and pleasure capacity enhancing shots.

Preparing for the O-Shot ®

At your consultation, we will answer any questions you may have, and provide you with all the necessary information you need to prepare for the O-Shot ®.
furthermore, You may need to stop certain medications or blood thinning supplements.

What is the Procedure?

The O-Shot ® is easy and takes very little time. After your blood is drawn, it is processed through a special extraction technique. In addition, this isolates the valuable growth-promoting platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

A topical numbing gel or cream will be applied in the treatment area. Then a sequence of treatments will be placed around your clitoris and vagina. As a result, it will transmit the enriched PRP back into your body. Boosting your sexual response centers.

In other words, this promotes enriched blood flow into your genital area, rebuilding the tissues and intensifying your experience of sexual health.


Your aftercare instructions will be reviewed with you during your consultation. So you know exactly what to expect, although in general because the O-Shot ® is such a low intensity and painless procedure it requires neither downtime nor recovery. Patients are able to resume their normal routine immediately after their treatment.

Is the O-Shot ® Right for Me?

If you are a woman and have noticed that your sex drive is less than optimal, or if issues of dryness affect you (due to a lack of natural lubrication) To clarify, if you have difficulty achieving orgasm, or even just enjoying sexual intercourse, then take the time to schedule your consultation today. So you can restore your sexual health while addressing stress-related bladder control issues at the same time for an overall boost to your quality of life!

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