Acoustic Wave Therapy

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What is Acoustic Wave Therapy? 

Acoustic Wave Therapy utilizes high frequency, low-intensity soundwaves to improve blood flow to the penis. Thus, removing micro-plaque, and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels. It uses a specific protocol designed to optimize efficacy, safety, and results.

In 6 to 12 sessions each taking between 15 to 20 minutes, Acoustic Wave Therapy treatments:

  • firstly, Stimulate the release of growth factors in penile tissue, resulting in the generation of  new blood vessels
  • Secondly, break up plaque formation in existing blood vessels
  • finally, activate dormant stem cells, leading to new cell growth

To clarify, by increasing blood flow to the penis, men will have stronger, harder and more sustainable erections.


What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a proven protocol for men that improves sexual performance additionally keeps the penis healthy.

Are there side effects?

There are little or no known side effects.

Who can benefits?

-Men with Erectile Dysfunction
Acoustic Wave Therapy has proven to be a safe and effective alternative treatment to Viagra and other oral ED medications. Therefore, it has proven to enhance sexual performance, with none of the harmful side effects!
-Men with Peyronie’s Disease
Acoustic Wave Therapy has been shown to be a drug-free, surgery-free way to breakdown the scar tissue thus reducing the curvature of the penis typical of Peyronie’s Disease.
-Men Seeking Male Enhancement
You do not have to be suffering from ED, or any other medical condition to benefit. If you want to perform your best and satisfy your lover as you may never have before, Contact us today, we can help!

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