Weight loss Program

Have you tried everything and anything to lose weight? Is your body changing–for the worse– even though you are eating and exercising the same way you always have?  Have you always struggled with your weight? Are you struggling with your diet? Do you have high cholesterol?

There is much more to obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight than just the old calories in/calories out equation. Our hormones play a significant role in weight loss.  

Balancing and optimizing our hormones along with the food we choose to put in our mouth (and the foods that we choose NOT to) and lifestyle play a huge role in maintaining a healthy weight.

It is imperative to individualize health and weight management! One size does not fit all!

Our weight loss membership is a solution for you!

 Membership includes:

  • One-on-one evaluation of your current diet and history that allows us to determine the most effective personalized approach for you.  It is important to factor in your genes, the phase of life that you are currently in (age), budget, previous diet, and medical history.   
  • Office visits to encourage accountability.  This is a great opportunity for us to address any challenges that you may be experiencing.  Together we will develop a plan of action to empower you to face personal challenges or triggers.
  • Assessing your metabolism and hormones by evaluating your blood work.  Optimizing and balancing your hormones plays a major role in determining your metabolism.  
  • Stress and sleep play a bigger role than most people think as we age and focus on achieving a healthy weight.  Unfortunately we can not remove your stress (although we wish we could), however we work with you to develop better ways to manage the stress that you do have.  Assessing and addressing the quality of your sleep is a valuable tool in your weight loss journey as well as overall health.
  • Exclusive discounts on other services that we provide.
  • Newsletter with useful and up to date information that applies to your weight loss journey.
  • Monthly classes focusing on health and lifestyle adjustments.
  • Fat burner shots
  • Book: How to achieve healthy aging
  • Most importantly, a safe place to be heard and understood!  You are not alone in this journey.