Memberships and Packages

Get started with a Membership or Package!

We know that “one-size fits all” doesn’t work when it comes to Weight Loss or Hormones! So, because of that we offer Memberships/ Packages. These all have a variety of comprehensive non-surgical Services that are individually catered to each patient. This way we can achieve the optimal outcome. In short, they will fit perfectly into your unique health and lifestyle needs.

The best plan for you will depend on your overall health and preference. For instance, this can be determined by your hormone imbalance, menopause, blood pressure, slowing metabolism & other medical conditions. Additional factors include personal life, such as exercise routines, eating habits, and stress.

Hormone Membership

Our Hormone Membership may be the solution for you. We offer a personalized and holistic approach to optimizing patient’s overall health and well being with an emphasis on bio-identical hormone replacement.   

Weight Loss Membership

Have you tried everything and anything to lose weight? Is your body changing–for the worse– even though you are eating and exercising the same way you always have?  Have you always struggled with your weight? Are you struggling with your diet? Do you have high cholesterol?

Men’s Health Package

Erectile dysfunction affects well over 30 million men in this country; it is important to us that you know you are not alone. Normal male sexual function requires the vascular, neurologic, hormonal, and psychological systems to perform optimally.

We are excited and honored to be on this journey with you!

Arizona Wellness Center is dedicated to quality personalized care for each and every patient. We do this through our memberships and packages. Above all, we are grateful for the opportunity to be able to work closely with you in obtaining your personal health goals. In addition, we take pride in the fact that we are always evaluating and assessing ways to better ourselves personally along with the services we provide.